What Do We Do

  • Over the last years, the energy sector in Israel in general, and the electricity and natural gas markets in particular, have undergone a major change. This led to wide-ranging development in legislation that affects many companies operating in the field as well as those seeking to do so.

    Headed by Amit Krispin, our Energy & Infrastructure team is among the pioneers and the most experienced in Israel in providing legal services in the energy sector. Over the years, our attorneys have accumulated extensive knowledge and diverse experience in the sector of energy and infrastructures in Israel, as well as unique experience with respect to the commercial aspect and regulation in the field.
    In recent years, we have advised on establishment of most of the flagship energy projects in Israel, including private power stations using both conventional and renewable energy sources, the establishment and operation of natural gas distribution infrastructures, and transactions for natural gas purchasing and distribution. We have also worked closely with clients on energy-related tenders, including contractors, infrastructure companies and more.
    The comprehensive support we provide to our clients encompasses all phases of energy and infrastructure project execution, allowing us to provide our clients with a full range of services, starting with advice on tender proceedings, through advice and representation before regulators, advice on financing and statutory proceedings, and drafting of all the agreements related to the project, as well as ongoing advice.
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    We deal with regulation in all its aspects. Our main areas of expertise include banking and finance; government-owned corporations and privatization proceedings; environmental law; transportation and aviation; licensing procedures in the fields of energy, water, communications, broadcasting, import and export, health, agriculture, food and more; price control; privacy and database protection and international regulation. In addition, we advise on issues related to public administration and support our clients in drafting conflict of interest arrangements and “cooling-off” proceedings of government officials.
    We have broad experience in representing entities before various committees. We have represented clients before the Committee for Increasing Competition in Common Banking and Financial Services (the Strum Committee); the Parliamentary Committee of Inquiry into the Conduct of the Financial System in Credit Arrangements with Large Borrowers (Kabel Committee); the Committee for the Examination of Broadcasting in Israel (Folkman Committee); and the inter-ministerial team for review of the provisions of the Anti-Concentration Law.

    We take care of all aspects of competition law, including restrictive trade practices, mergers and abuse of dominant position cases; we advise on transactions that require the approval of the Competition Commissioner; administrative and criminal enforcement proceedings; we represent entities in cases  where regulators are required to consult with the Competition Commissioner in connection with the allocation of rights; represent in hearings and in connection with market studies by the Competition Authority.
    We represent clients before the Competition Tribunal and before civil courts in lawsuits under the Competition Law.
    We also provide ongoing advice relating to compliance to competition law and drafting compliance manuals.
    We have a particular area of expertise in market-wide concentration, and advise on the allocation of "state rights" and laws requiring separation between "significant non-financial corporations" and "significant financial entities".
  • Private equity is something of a science, requiring knowledge, research and insight. To get it right, you need not only a keen legal mind, but also a deep understanding of the economic implications of a deal; this is where we, at KRB, excel.

    Leveraging local and domestic experience gained during more than two decades of working in the field of private equity, our expertise lies in understanding both the fiscal and legal aspects of any investment.

    Supporting funds of funds, family offices and institutional investors with both their investments and their fund formation, we ensure that all economic and corporate considerations are taken into account. We also support private equity investors, safeguarding their investments in private or public corporations.

    Collaborating where necessary with overseas colleagues, we offer multi-jurisdictional support in a timely manner, so as not to compromise your deal. Seeking innovative solutions on all relevant matters and nuances, you can rely on us to secure your best interests, every step of the way.

  • We have extensive experience in advancing legislative proceedings, including the The Arrangements Law and with an emphasis on national infrastructures, communications, transportation, privatization, and environmental protection.

    We advise government and private entities in proceedings for implementation of legislative amendments, enactment of regulations and decrees, and providing legal opinions on these matters.

  • Our Litigation Department has expertise in managing complex litigation proceedings. We handle corporate litigation, administrative litigation, including petitions to the High Court of Justice and administrative petitions, and represent clients before administrative tribunals and in civil-commercial litigation, as well as litigation in connection with competition law, the Internet, and real estate.
    We are proud of our reputation of excellence in litigation, which has been built on the meticulous and quality management of cases, and by maintaining the highest standard of service.

  • We advise public, institutional and other bodies in connection with the tenders they publish and advise private entities participating in public tenders. 

    We specialize in complex BOT, PPP and PEI tenders, as well as in all aspects of project finance. We have vast experience in infrastructure and large facility projects, and specialize in particular in complex transportation projects.

  • The team possesses extensive experience with representation of clients in all stages of deliberations in front of governmental authorities, in administrative courts and in the High Court of Justice. Our firm accompanies its clients in national investigation committees, public examination committees, parliamentary committees and in administrative hearings in front of the authorities.

    The team advises in complex matters in administrative law, including tenders, licensing, franchising and permits, antitrust, taxation, planning and building, communications, education, infrastructures, industry, and governmental encouragement programs. In addition, our firm advises figures of the public sector in various matters, including public administration and conflicts of interests.

  • Our firm provides its clients extensive ordinary legal accompaniment, in all matters of their commercial activity. Our firm’s clients are among the leading companies and institutes of the Israeli economy, including private and public companies, domestic and international companies, Israeli and foreign companies. Our firm advises companies in their ordinary corporate conduct, Corporate Governance, Finance, Joint Ventures, and in structuring, negotiating and drafting complex as well as standard commercial transactions, including Mergers and Acquisitions.

    The firm’s partners work in full collaboration with each client’s administrative team, in order to provide them the most efficient legal services, both in their ordinary business activity, and in the construction planning and performance of complex transactions, local and international. Such services include, among others, Shareholders Agreements, Partnership Agreements and Joint Ventures, Commercial Agreements and transactions, including Investment Agreements, Distribution Agreements, Licensing Agreements, Manufacturing Agreements, Supply Agreements and contracting with banks and other financial institutes.

    Our firm accompanies companies, start-ups and investors as well, and provides legal advice with respect to the establishment of companies, investments, licensing agreements, Mergers and Acquisitions, activity purchases and capital raising, both in Israel and worldwide.

  • We handle all aspects of real estate, including project development, planning, land development, financing, construction, and the marketing of residential projects (including urban renewal, TAMA 38, and redevelopment projects), offices and commercial real estate.

    We provide ongoing and comprehensive legal support in all relevant legal areas, including planning and construction, project finance, fees and development levies, while fully understanding all the commercial aspects of each transaction, and formulating creative solutions to complex problems so as to bring each transaction to its successful conclusion. 

  • We advise leading companies and entities in Israel on the execution of infrastructure projects in developing countries in fields such as roads, water, industry and agriculture. In this context, we have given close legal support to our clients in a long list of projects in countries such as Ghana, Angola, Kenya, Tanzania, Ivory Coast, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Mozambique, Colombia, Nigeria and elsewhere vis-à-vis government and private entities.

    The legal support we provide to our clients includes support during the stages of international tenders, drafting agreements for executing projects, arranging the financing package for the project, either through financing agreements in the format of buyer’s credit and/or through financing agreements in project finance format; advice and hands-on legal support through the course of the projects, including contracts with suppliers, subcontractors and service providers, and the handling of legal proceedings.


  • With unparalleled knowledge and ability, and hundreds of transactions to our name, we are widely recognized as being an authority in the field of venture lending.

    Using our in-depth understanding of the two key elements of venture lending – venture capital and pure debt financing – from both the client and target points of view, we are able to create balanced solutions; resolving the tension that inherently exists between enabling the target company to continue its business as usual, and putting in place measures that protect our clients’ interests.

    Having developed relationships based on mutual respect and trust with different players involved in the local and global marketplace, we are able to ensure that transaction processes and negotiations run smoothly.

    Venture lending is a particular area in which our international expertise comes to the fore, both in working with Israeli targets that have a global presence, and in advising clients and partners on various elements of venture lending transactions in multiple jurisdictions. We have developed a professional network across the globe that enables us to lead transactions on behalf of our clients, from start to finish, supported by local assistance as needed.

  • We represent the most senior figures in the business and public sectors in complex criminal cases in white collar offenses such as bribery, fraud and breach of trust, securities offenses, competition law, taxation and money laundering, national security offenses and more. We advise suspects and defendants from among the top echelon in Israel’s business and public domain in investigations and legal proceedings.

    Adv. Roy Blecher, who heads the Department, is uniquely experienced in representation before government review committees and state commissions of inquiry. His high security clearance puts him in a position to take on classified national security-related cases.
    Our clients include: Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert; Chief of Staff in the Prime Minister’s Office, Ari Harow; Adviser to the Prime Minister for Legislation and the Knesset,  Perach Lerner; Director General of the Ministry of Agriculture, Shlomo Ben Eliyahu; Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto; Commissioner of Police, Superintendent Moshe Karadi; Brig. General (Res.) Ofek Buchris; Colonel (Res.) Elhanan Tenenbaum; former Mayor of Tiberias, Zohar Oved; Deputy Director of the Tax Authority, CPA Gidi Bar Zakai; Vice Chairman of McCann, Ms. Hana Rado.


  • We regularly advise the major companies in the medical cannabis market regarding regulatory proceedings, and in respect of various commercial transactions. 

    We also represent medical cannabis companies in administrative petitions, petitions to the High Court of Justice, class actions, and other legal proceedings.

  • When it comes to dealing with high-risk companies, specifically technological start-ups, you need to be extra vigilant to protect your investment. We know the potential pitfalls and how to avoid them.

    Having cultivated long-term relationships with some of the most prominent VC funds and private investors in Israel, Europe and around the world, we have earned our position as a forerunner amongst the major players in the Israeli Venture Capital community.

    We have years of experience working on complex transactional structures, including those crossing multiple jurisdictions and involving multiple parties. In order to enable investors to make an informed decision about whether to invest, and if so, how much, we conduct thorough legal due diligence, looking at issues around taxation, competition and antitrust.

    When representing technology companies, we take a long-term approach, advising and closely mentoring entrepreneurs through the growth of their companies, addressing all their legal needs, from inception to maturity to exit.

  • We handle class action lawsuits and represent defendants in such lawsuits in a variety of areas. We advise large companies in Israel threatened with class actions, and provide legal advice on ways to avoid being sued in class actions.

    In exceptional cases, we represent plaintiffs in class actions of special public interest.

  • We regularly advise companies, many of which are leaders in their respective fields in Israel, on matters of telecom, broadcasting and media.

    We assist our clients set a long-term regulatory strategy, represent them in hearings on legislation and government policy, and provide advice and guidance in connection with tenders of interest to their companies. We advise on licenses and permits, transactions for the transfer of means of control, local and international transactions, and aspects of privacy and data protection.