Noga Rubinstein Partner

Adv. Noga Rubinstein possesses unique expertise in legal consulting and representation in various regulatory fields. She is known as a leader and expert in all aspects of regulation, competition and antitrust.

Adv. Rubinstein advises clients from the early stages of the regulatory process, in legislative and policy proceedings. Adv. Rubinstein assists in strategic planning according to the regulatory requirements, initiating actions and responding to the authorities’ decisions and rulings. Among others, Adv. Rubinstein represents clients in administrative enforcement proceedings, and in proceedings for obtaining approvals and permits from various authorities and provides regulatory consultation with respect to transactions, public offerings, mergers and transfers of control.

Adv. Rubinstein served for six years as the Legal Advisor of the Ministry of Communications, where she led legislation and regulatory processes in the fields of telecommunication media and broadcast, postal services and the postal bank. Among others, Adv. Rubinstein took part in the cellular pricing reform, privatization of the national telecom company, major tenders for the selection of telecom and media providers, and more.

Adv. Rubinstein dedicated most of her work at the Israeli Ministry of Communications to Competition. During the incumbency of then-Communications Minister Moshe Kahlon, currently Finance Minister of the State of Israel, Adv. Rubinstein led comprehensive reforms that encouraged the opening of the cellular market for competition.

The result of this course of action was that, instead of three cellular operators prior to the year 2012, after 2012 there were nine operators and the cellular companies’ rates decreased by approximately 80%, the most substantial reduction made in the cellular field among the OECD member states, as the OECD itself noted (see coverage:,7340,L-4201227,00.html).

In addition, Adv. Rubinstein served for six years at the Consulting and Legislation (The Economic-Fiscal Law Department) Department of the Ministry of Justice, Attorney General where she was responsible for fields such as energy and water, transportation, communications, etc. Among Adv. Rubinstein’s clients, are public and private companies, Israeli and international companies, which operate in various fields including transportation, defense, food, health care, medical devices, energy, telecom and communications, retail, research and development, and financial services.

Adv. Rubinstein participated in the formation of Governmental Policy with respect to main economic processes in the national economy, including the Budget Law and the Arrangements Law, structural reforms and privatization processes, opening markets for competition, regulation regarding the activity of economic entities and their supervision. In addition, she attended governmental meetings of Committees of Ministers and Knesset Committees.


LL.M. (magna cum laude), Columbia University, 1998

LL.B. (magna cum laude), Tel Aviv University, 1995

B.A., Accounting, Tel Aviv University, 1995

Bar Admission

Israel Bar Association, 1996

New York Bar Association, 1998

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Representation in Legislative Proceedings