Roy Blecher Partner

Adv. Roy Blecher, specializes in commercial, administrative, criminal and disciplinary litigation, and is considered to be one of the most prominent attorneys in Israel in these fields.

Adv. Blecher specializes in complex and large scope cases, both local and international, in which he personally oversees and supervises all stages of the legal proceedings, with the assistance of the firm’s experienced legal team.

Adv. Blecher has developed expertise in representation of high profile clients, which requires a profound and comprehensive understanding of the legal, public and media aspects.

Adv. Blecher possesses a high clearance security, which enables him to work on classified cases in security matters.

Adv. Blecher advises companies in designing internal compliance programs and policies for prevention of bribery of foreign public officers, and regularly advises companies that handle similar issues. Additionally, Adv. Blecher accompanies witnesses and suspects in investigative procedures which involve foreign authorities.

During his military service, Adv. Blecher served in the Military Advocate General Unit. Initially, he served as an Assistant to the Legal Advisor in the Gaza Strip Region; subsequently, as a Senior Consultation Officer in the International Legal Branch; and finally, as a Military Defense Attorney. Today, Major (reserve) Blecher is part of the reserve force of the Military Legal Defense Unit.

Prior to co-founding the firm, Adv. Blecher was a partner at Goldfarb, Seligman & Co. law firm for 16 years.

In 2020, Legal500 named Adv. Blecher Recommended Lawyer in Dispute Resolution, stating:

Krispin Rubinstein Blecher Law Offices has firm-wide expertise in administrative law and heavily regulated sectors. In the litigation space, the team is routinely involved in highly publicised criminal, administrative and disciplinary proceedings. Indeed, the practice group is acting for one of the key defendants in a criminal antitrust investigation into price collusion in the area of educational tours, and is also acting for a state witness in the cases against PM Netanyahu. The litigation department is led by Roy Blecher, who handles a wide variety of criminal negligence and financial claims, and has particular experience in matters involving the defence and aerospace industry.



LL.B. Tel Aviv University (with honors), 1992

LL.M. Tel Aviv University (with honors), 1997

Israeli Bar Association, 1994

Areas of expertise

Commercial and Corporate Litigation

Administrative Law

White Collar

Class actions