Arye Liany Of Counsel

Adv. Arye Liany has extensive and diversified experience in practicing commercial law, with an emphasis on real estate, infrastructure and project finance.

Arye advises and accompanies entities engaged in the construction of complex large scale residential, office and commercial real estate projects, as well as companies engaged in the development of large-scale infrastructure (water, roads, communications, energy and waste) EPC and PPP (public-private partnership) projects, including BOT / BOO / PFI projects.

The extensive experience of Adv. Liany, in both real estate and infrastructure projects, provides him with the ability to address complex legal and commercial issues that clients encounter during the development of such projects.

Experience in real estate

Arye has extensive expertise and experience in advising and accompanying complex large scale real estate transactions in Israel and abroad.

Adv. Liany has acquired his experience in real estate, among other things, during his service as the General Legal Counsel of Aviv & Co. (founded by the late Moshe Aviv), Ocif Investments and Development and Ogen (formerly known as Zikit).

Among other things, Adv. Liany represented the entrepreneurs of the Moshe Aviv Tower in Ramat Gan in a series of Partial Sale (known in Israel as “combination”) transaction and contracting services for the construction of the tower, the entrepreneurs in the transaction for construction of the Weizmann Center project at the Tel-Aviv Sourasky Medical Center (consists of a commercial center, an office tower and a Nursing Home), and the leasing of its premises, the entrepreneurs of the new building of the Assuta Hospital in Ramat Hachayal, Tel Aviv, and BMC Software Israel’s building in Ramat Hachayal, Tel Aviv, office buildings at the T.M.R (Science) Park in Rehovot, agreements for the purchase of yielding real estate in the UK, agreements for the construction of a large commercial center in Sofia, Bulgaria, and the leasing of its premises, and represented Tahal Group in a transaction for the sale of the Tahal House on Ibn Gvirol Street in Tel Aviv.

Experience in infrastructure and project finance

Arye has extensive experience in legal advising and representation of entities initiating and implementing PPP and EPC infrastructure projects (water, roads, communications, energy, waste) with a unique expertise in representing companies initiating and implementing EPC infrastructure projects for governmental and private entities in developing countries, including accompanying the procurement of Export/Buyer Credit facility loans for governmental clients allowing them to finance the implementation of such projects.

Adv. Liany has acquired his extensive experience in the field of infrastructure and project finance, among other things, during his service as the General Legal Counsel of Tahal Group and his service as the General Legal Counsel of Baran International.

Among other things, Adv. Liany represented clients in several EPC projects for the development of water treatment plants (WTPs) and water conveyance systems in several countries in Africa (Ghana, Angola, Ethiopia etc.) and Latin America and represented the entrepreneurs of a MW340 Pumped Storage power plant project in Cohav Hayarden, Israel.

Some of the most notable PPP projects in which Arye was involved include co-representation of Via Maris, the Concessionaire of a M90 m3/year RO seawater desalination BOO project in Palmahim and representation of a bidder in a BOT tender for a M150 m3/year RO seawater desalination in Sorek and several bidders in BOT tenders for large scale WWTP projects in Israel, and took part in the representation of an international consortium in the PFI tender for the Red Line light railway project.


LL.B., Hebrew University, 1991

Bar Admission

Israel Bar Association, 1993

Areas of expertise

Real Estate

Infrastructure & Project Finance