Cheryl Kempinski Adv.

Adv. Cheryl Kempinski serves as an external consultant for the firm’s regulation and competition department. Adv. Kempinski specializes in administrative law, economic regulation, and legislation, with extensive experience in the areas of telecommunications, media and broadcast, postal services, infrastructure and public utilities, as well as drafting legislation and regulations in a wide variety of fields for clients in the private and public sectors.

Until 2012, Adv. Kempinski served for approximately 20 years in the legal department of Israel’s Ministry of Communications, including 11 years as the Senior Deputy/Deputy Legal Advisor of the Ministry. In this capacity, she was involved in many legislative and regulatory processes to increase competition in the areas of telecommunication, media and broadcast, postal services and the postal bank, and to institute reforms in pricing and consumer protection in these areas.


LL.B., Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel, 1989.

B.A., English Literature, York University, Toronto, Canada, 1983.

Bar Admission

Israeli Bar Association, 1989.

Areas of expertise

Administrative Law


Representation in Legislative Proceedings