Our firm has extensive experience and profound knowledge in the communications and telecommunication area and the complex regulatory issues of this area. Our team advises the clients in the creation of long term regulatory strategies, represent them in hearings on legislative matters, tenders and governmental policy in front of authorities, such as the Ministry of Communications, broadcasting supervising authorities.

Our firm provides current legal advice to a wide variety of leading companies, which operate in the communications, telecommunication and broadcasting areas. Thus, including legal advice with respect to licensing, mergers and acquisitions, control purchases and transfers, local and international transactions, finance, privacy and information security matters, regulation and competition. In addition, our legal services include representation of all factors in the communications market: platforms, broadcasting channels, studios, producers, creators, advertising companies, etc.

Adv. Noga Rubinstein, head of the Regulation and Competition team, had served as the Legal Consultant of the Ministry of Communications for 6 years, and was responsible for some of the most revolutionary reforms which occurred in the communications market recently, and closely oversaw them.