Energy and Infrastructures

The Energy and Infrastructure (including Project Finance) is one of our firm’s main areas of practice, and it is among the leading law firms in this area. In the last decade, the Israeli Energy field, especially the Electricity and Natural Gas Market, has gone through a revolution. As a result, there has been extensive development in the regulation, which affects the future of many companies operating in the energy field, as well as companies that will join the market in the future. Throughout the years, our team developed broad knowledge, experience and expertise in the Energy and Infrastructure areas in Israel, and unique expertise in the commercial and regulation aspects. Adv. Amit Krispin takes action in the design of the regulation in the energy field, and advises processes which shall lead to significant changes in the Israeli Energy Maret since the beginning of the 00’s. The team’s extensive and professional knowledge, the diverse experience and the close relationships with our clients, gives the team the ability to provide broad and professional advice, including the legal aspect and the commercial and business aspects, while assisting the clients with the promotion of the projects and making decisions of their best interests.

Our firm advises leading companies and institutes with respect to their ordinary activity and represents international bodies which operate in the Energy and Infrastructure area in Israel. We accompany a wide range of energy projects, both renewable and traditional, including private power plants for electricity generation, establishment and operation of natural gas distribution infrastructure, natural gas purchase and transport agreements, tender proceedings, contractor companies, etc.

The comprehensive service provided by our firm stretches on all stages of energy and infrastructure projects, starting from advising during the tender proceedings, through advising and representation in front of the regulator, accompaniment through finance procedures, statutory procedures, forming of the agreements regarding the project, and finally, advice at the closing and signing stage. Our firm’s services also include consultation in regulation issues, EPC agreements, O&M agreements, natural gas purchase agreements, Power Purchase Agreements, Finance Agreements, etc.

Recently, Adv. Amit Krispin accompanied the most prominent projects in the Israeli Energy Market, including numerous projects for power plants for electricity generation by natural gas and solar energy. Since 2002 our firm advised on most projects of private power plants for natural gas generation, including the first large private power plant established in Israel, and to many leading companies in the renewable energy field, such as PV, wind and bio-gas, and provides each one of them with comprehensive legal services under one roof.

Additionally, our firm is highly experienced in advising transportation companies in tender procedures, franchises and investments. In the past, our firm’s partners represented one of the biggest transportation companies in the local economy, which had been granted a franchise for the operation of a municipal transportation system. The legal service included negotiation with investors, current conduct with suppliers and the authorities, both in the commercial and the regulatory aspects. As part of the project, our firm handled the purchase agreements as well as the operation and maintenance required under the franchise, by both suppliers from Israel and worldwide.

Our firm represents international entities operating in the Israeli Energy and Infrastructure Market, including one of the leading companies in the world for solar panels, as well as one of the largest companies in the world for hydroelectric electricity generation, which operates in equipment supply, operation and maintenance in the extracted energy field. Moreover, our firm represents a significant part of the natural gas consumers in Israel, companies for natural gas distribution, companies for natural gas marketing and constructors.