Our firm provides various public entities and institutes with legal representation in tenders, which includes drafting, advising tender committees and administrative litigation, as well as representation of institutional and private bodies participating in public tenders. Our firm specializes in complex tenders, such as BOT, PPP, PFI, and in the representation of both institutional and private bodies, as well as advising throughout the tender process, including Project Finance.

Our firm’s experience spans a diverse range of fields, including infrastructure, power plants, gas lines, and tenders for services, such as construction, control, etc. Additionally, our firm possesses unique expertise in complex projects in the transportation field. In such tenders, we represent both the entities issuing tenders, which are usually the public- governmental sector, and those bidding in tenders, which are private entities of the business sector.

We advise our clients throughout the entire tender process, starting from the pre-bid agreement drafting stage, through the initial and final elections, and finally, the deal signing and financial closing. Additionally, we advise our clients on the preparation of their offers and analyze the tender conditions and the election criteria, assist in establishing joint ventures for bid submissions and examine the legal aspects of tender documents and compliance with threshold and other tender conditions, etc.

Our firm advises public entities who are obligated under the Mandatory Tender Laws, including hospitals, municipal and institutional bodies, during the document drafting, setting preconditions, setting the criteria for election and drafting agreements.

Our Litigation team specializes, among others, in Administrative Litigation, including Tender Law, and provides legal advice for companies and entities participating in tenders in appeals to tender committees and in legal proceedings before the courts, as well as for companies and entities conducting tenders and tender committees.