White Collar

Our firm, headed by Adv. Roy Blecher, represents senior figures of the business and public sectors, in complex criminal cases of White Collar, such as bribery, fraud and breach of trust, crimes under the Securities Law, antitrust, taxation, security, money laundering, etc. Adv. Blecher represents high profile suspects and defendants, who are prominent figures in the Israeli business and public world. Adv. Blecher has classified security clearance, which allows him to handle classified security matters.

Among our clients: former Prime Minister of the State of Israel, Ehud Olmert; former Chief of Staff; former Advisor to the Prime Minister for legislation and parliament, Perach Lerner; CEO of the Agriculture Ministry, Shlomo Ben Eliyahu; Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto; Judge (retired) Itzhak Cohen; Rabbi Shmuel Shukrun; Rabbi of Eshkol Regional Council; VP of the Investment Center, Etti Azriel; brig. general (retired) Ofek Buchris; Colonel (retired) Elhanan Tannenbaum; former Mayor of Tiberias, Zohar Oved; vice president of the Tax Authority, Accountant Gidi Bar Zakay; deputy of the head of McCann, Hana Rado, etc.

Adv. Blecher possesses unique expertise in representation before governmental examination committees and national investigation committees. Among others, he had represented former Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert, in his testimony during the governmental examination committee, with respect to the events of Second Lebanon War in 2006 (Winograd Committee); former general commissioner of the Police, Moshe Karadi, in Zeiler Committee; deputy assistant chief of operations of Galilee District, Yaron Meir, in the national investigation committee with respect to clashes between security forces and Israeli Civilians , Or Committee.